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The Art of Jewels & Customisations - Aveen Jewellery

Having met Aveen on our IG live a couple of weeks ago, we've got to know her so much better and we'd love for you to do the same! She's lived in various international cities and have sourced inspiration from them that has allowed her to create such amazing jewellery. Come with us as we interview her


q: How has living and working in such international cities influenced you as a designer? a: Travelling always helps with inspiration, exploring new opportunities and forcing us to step out of our comfort zone. For me, it has really helped as the brand sells internationally in places where we have an established network such as Moscow, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Having been born in Iraq and brought up as an expat child, travelling has always been a part of my make up. Identifying as a citizen of the world and living and working in many places makes me more open-minded to new ideas and less attached to a specific form of beauty. Each country I have lived in has contributed in some way to my current design aesthetic. Growing up, our home was full of art pieces as my father travelled for his job and he used to bring back unusual art and antiques pieces from Asia and different parts of the Middle East, much to my mothers dismay at times! Our home was eclectic with endless Persian carpets creating that very oriental ambiance.  Living in Moscow much later in life as an adult, I was introduced to art and sculpture and ended up studying and making abstract bronze sculptures for our home there. In India and Thailand, I found a love of colour and my passion for the beauty and intricacy of good craftsmanship was ignited. I am proud to claim Hong Kong as the birthplace of the brand and where my love of starting my own business began. London, my hometown, with its impressive architecture and unique vibe, is always an inspiration. q: Do you think your studies in Science and gemmology has aided you in your journey as a designer? a: As a Scientist at heart, I am most definitely an academic, therefore I am in a constant quest to broaden my knowledge and I am forever enrolled in one or more courses in different areas that I feel would be beneficial to my business. Whether that’s in design, marketing or gemmology- the list is endless! I design each piece of Aveen jewellery to be unique through my inspirations, but also through my technical knowledge of the craft based on the skills and techniques I have acquired through my studies. q: What do you think sets your jewellery apart from others? a: Our mission at Aveen is to create meaningful jewellery using 18kt gold, colourful enamel, and precious gemstones to create luxury everyday pieces, fusing age-old handcrafting techniques with modern technology. We focus on providing the wearer with personalised jewellery by telling their story through our customisation process. With functionality in mind, we design customisable pieces that can be engraved, and modular mix-and-match pieces that allow the wearer to decide spontaneously how they would like to style their look. We are also unique in being able to offer 18K gold and diamond pieces at accessible prices by integrating a make-to-order offer. Finally, we always strive to be ethical by choosing our ateliers diligently, taking care to only work with artisans who excel in their craft, and are aligned with our ethics of good working conditions and fair wages, thereby staying true to our brand vision and at the same time supporting our local community. q: Why is being ‘Made-to-order’ so important to your brand? a: Our made-to-order offering is at the heart of the brand aiming to reduce the impact of mass manufacturing through low stocks and less wastage. Furthermore, as customisation and storytelling are at the centre of everything we do, our made-to-order offer allows the wearer to tell their own personal story by engraving as per the client’s desire, or by offering a variety of mix-and-match options in modular designs. We offer custom made pieces using the clients’ birthstones and we also work with our customers to up-cycle any old or unworn jewelry or any loose gemstones they may have. q: Can you tell us a little bit about your design process? a: Everything starts with an inspiration or a simple thought and then we go forward from there, always keeping in mind comfort and beauty and aiming to create a balance between intelligent design and function. After we create the initial design, we produce a 3D digital recreation of the hand sketch by using computer aided technologies. Next, we have to create our hand-crafted wax molds. Finally we proceed to make the sample pieces and make any necessary changes to ensure each design is perfect. q: What is the favourite piece in your collection? a: It would have to be a tie between two pieces. The first is the Wanderlust Locket from the Wanderlust collection which features a modern interpretation of the iconic 8-point star on a compass, symbolising adventure and travel to faraway lands. This interactive locket can be worn in 4 different ways and is unique in being able to create a meaningful experience for the wearer where they can insert a printed image, a child’s drawing, a love note or a favourite quote to fit inside the locket. It also makes the perfect personalised gift for your loved one. My other favourites are the mix-and-match Classic Diamond Hoops and the Gemstone Rainbow Hoops which are modular in design and have detachable charms such as diamond, pearl or star charms that can be worn in their own right as pendants or can complement the hoop earring. q: Describe your brand in 3 words. a: Playful, interactive and customisable, always revealing a deeper meaning.
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Designer Spotlight - Aveen Jewellery

Having grown up around art and being exposed to different cultures from a young age, Aveen found herself edging towards a life of creativity and design. Having had the pleasure of living in several international cities, like Hong Kong, London and Dubai, Aveen has been able to source inspirations from all around the globe, absorbing elements from each place and drawing from that when designing her collections.

Aveen also leads with curiousity and intrigue, which ultimately stems from her background as a scientist. This want to know more and need to constantly expand her knowledge is why Aveen is so successful, whether it be in design or business.

Aveen's pieces also stand out from the crowd because of the unique customisation that comes with it. You can mix and match pieces, as well as engrave your initials onto the colourful enamel - this makes your purchase so much more than just another piece of jewellery, it gives it a meaning, and more importantly, a story.


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