Porcelain Teatime Teacup Silk Scarf - Garnet & Pink by Nonamu on curated-crowd.com


Porcelain Teatime Teacup Silk Scarf - Garnet & Pink

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This scarf collection is inspired by the dazzling colours and intricate craftsmanship of Peranakan porcelain, (also known as 'Nyonya ware')....
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Why We Like It

Nonamu’s silk scarves and designs are wearable art, designed to set you apart. They are inspired by the indulgence of the centuries old Peranakan (Baba...
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What’s The Story

Industrial designer, Ai Pheng Yeap lives and breathes Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) culture because she grew up surrounded by it in Penang. She wanted to...
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What You Should Look At

The vibrant colours and exotic designs that are present in each product. They reflect every bit of the Peranakan heritage of Malaysia, from the language...
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