Convertible Double Gold Hoop Orbit Earrings – Ruby by DAOU JEWELLERY on


Convertible Double Gold Hoop Orbit Earrings – Ruby

Made to order

Ruby and Yellow Gold small front facing hoop earrings and the Large Orbit Hoop Multiplier earring jackets sold as a set. Simple chic earrings set with pear cut Rubies in 18 carat...
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Why We Like It

Dalia’s designs are bold and daring, yet she exhibits at all times a painstaking attention to detail and craft, resulting in a piece that showcases...
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What’s The Story

Dalia has achieved an impossible goal: maintaining the classic elegance and aesthetic of a generations-old brand that is established amongst celebrities...
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What You Should Look At

From Dalia’s hand sketched designs to the exquisitely crafted final pieces, it is a thrill to see how she brings each creation to life and takes...
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