Bella Freud x Gillian Suffragette City T-Shirt by Plinth on


Bella Freud x Gillian Suffragette City T-Shirt

Limited edition

The ultimate slogan tee - the Bella Freud Suffragette City T-shirt. Pair it with a pair of mom jeans and some sneakers, and wear it with the...
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Why We Like It

The uniqueness and quirkiness of every single piece of art that Plinth commissions. They range from art to prints to cool homeware products. Every...
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What’s The Story

In 2016, Plinth was founded by Chloe Grimshaw and Paul Franklyn. They set out with an aim to provide beautiful, affordable art and design to everyone,...
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What You Should Look At

All the artists that they commission are one of a kind, every single one has their own style, own story and own quirks. Each one lures you in and leaves...
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