1. How does Crowdfunding with Curated Crowd work?

Using the power of the crowd, we can help make your dream project a reality. Each Patron pledges a certain amount of money towards your project funding target, and once it’s reached you can go ahead and make it happen!

2. How does the Curated Crowd model work?

We operate based on a reward-based crowdfunding model; where designers and creatives submit their projects for funding, and once approved by our team it will publish to the Curated Crowd Patron community. Find out more about the submission and approval process here

3. How does Curated Crowd differ from any other crowdfunding platform?

Curated Crowd is much more than just a crowdfunding platform. It is a digital space that offers showcasing opportunities dedicated to creative talent in fashion and design, giving the unique opportunity to fundraise directly from fashion Patrons. At Curated Crowd, we nurture creative autonomy, social sharing and authentic creativity.

4. Do I need to give away shares in my company if I launch a Crowdfunding campaign with Curated Crowd?

No, you do not. We are a reward-based.

5. What kind of projects can I submit for funding?

The choice is yours! It can be a new collection or design, a fashion film or design book or even an event – such as a catwalk show, presentation or a private viewing. However, please be specific in your pre-application form so that our team can understand exactly what you are raising funds for.

6. Do you have any requirements for designers?

Yes, we are looking for designers who have strong commitments in delivering the rewards they promise and want to connect to their Patrons! We are also looking for authenticity, creativity and social responsibility in all the projects that are submitted for funding.

7. Who can apply?

Designers from around the globe in the fashion, design and creative industries are welcome to apply.

8. How do I apply as a designer?

Via our website. Make sure you understand how the process works here, before submitting your pre-application form.

9. How does the process work?

Please refer to how the process works here, if you are still unsure, please drop us a line at: hello@curated-crowd.com

10. How much do you charge?

Curated Crowd operates on an all-or-nothing model. Only if your funding target is reached, we will charge our fees: third-party credit fees depending on Patrons payment method (up to 5%) + our service fee (12%).

11. Will it cost me anything to publish my project on your platform?

No, it is free! Bear in mind though, that all projects will be subject to approval before being published.

12. What makes a successful campaign?

Teamwork between you and us! Once your pre-application is approved, you will receive our Crowdfunding step-by-step guide compiled by our industry experts with years of experience in fashion, designs and lifestyle, digital marketing and brand strategy. It includes tips, advice and the best practices for a great crowdfunding experience. We then expect you to work with us to invite all your Patrons to support your project!

13. Who can be a Curated Crowd Patron?

Anyone who believes that a fashion or design item is not simply a commodity, and is curious and passionate about nurturing authentic creativity!

14. What do I get as a Patron?

It varies from project to project as it depends on what project the designer is raising funds for! At Curated Crowd, we don’t limit designers’ creativity, so equally, as Patrons – you can expect a wide range of rewards items such as collection previews, co-curation of creative films, exclusive invitations to presentations and installations, being credited in designers fashion books, design studio visits and invitations to catwalks and launch events. The possibility is endless.

15. What happens after I make a payment to pledge a project?

After choosing your reward items and submitting your payment details, Designer will be notified and your pledge will be assigned a unique number. When the crowdfunding period closes (usually 30 – 40 days from the publishing date), Designer will confirm if their Funding Target has been achieved. For successful Projects, we will process the payment (via Stripe) and provide you with an e-mail confirmation containing details about your reward, and the estimated fulfillment date by the Designer. For unsuccessful Projects, no payment will be taken from you.

Note that Stripe charges 1.4% of the Pledge amount plus 20p for European cards; and 2.9% of the Pledge amount plus 20p for non-European cards.

For more information, please read our Patron Terms and Conditions. If you have further inquiries, please have your Pledge Number ready and contact the Designer directly via the “Contact Designer” button or the Curated-Crowd team: hello@curated-crowd.com

16. What if the size doesn’t fit or an item is damaged?

If you have any questions or issues about the reward(s), please use the contact form on the website to contact the Designer directly. If you wish to discuss the matter with us, you can write us at hello@curated-crowd.com

17. What if I want to return an item?

All purchases are final and non-refundable.