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Rowley Hesselballe London

Est. 2019
London College of Fashion

Rowley Hesselballe is a luxury brand that specializes in bridal and evening wear. Founded by Rosie Rowley and Canan Hesselballe, the brand is inspired by the elegance and strength of women. With a unique blend of British and Turkish cultures, the designers aim to create an inclusive brand that caters to all women.

Rosie and Canan share a passion for timeless designs, quality craftsmanship, and sustainability. They are committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices, which include minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of their products.

The brand offers a range of modern and contemporary designs, which feature high-quality materials such as silks, crepes, sustainable vegan silk, and recycled satins. 

Rowley Hesselballe aims to provide customers with a comfortable and delightful experience, where they can relax with a glass of something bubbly while the brand takes care of the rest.


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