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Diana Kimbayeva

Est. 2017
Instituto Marangoni

With an unrivalled obsession for fashion, Kimbayeva devoted her passion and enthusiasm to design from a young age, entering the world of style from the age of fourteen when she started her first fashion blog. 

Focusing that energy as she grew up, she went on to achieve a degree in Fine Art and Fashion Design from the National College of Arts, before enrolling in the Istituto Marangoni where she is now designing and developing her first collection -Lineament. Her designs artfully draw from the conceptual and the abstract, transforming the impression of something as simple and ordinary as a line into a sumptuous, feminine and compulsively wearable womenswear range, with her pieces exuding as much style as they do quality. 

Kimbayeva's passion translates beautifully into talent as she designs her first collection and, by supporting her campaign, you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to discover how much she has to offer the fashion community.

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