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Creation #1: Digital Poster £20

About this product: Limited edition poster personalised with your name

Creation #2: Early Bird Jumper

Creation #3: T-Shirt or Jumper/Cushion

Creation #4: T-Shirt, Jumper & Cushion

Creation #5: Custom Designed Jumper

About the project

Inspired by the Avant-Garde Art movement, I have designed the new collection to bring alive the revolutionary spirit in our modern time. In current unsettling political climates with over digitalisation everywhere, I want my Avant-Garde collection to inspire people to slow down and open their minds again by reflecting on history and art, reinterpretation them through modern fashion and lifestyle designs.

I need your support to produce our new collection and bring you new designs. Our goal is to work with more museums in the future – in Russia, the UK and  many other countries to take Lubi Menya to the next level and to tell our story to the global audience. History is the new sexy!