by Ashtiani

    About this Campaign

    Fashion as a concept is the expression of personality and creativity, and should be a platform upon which we can showcase our individuality. However, in a world of trends and fads, brands fail to acknowledge the desire for artistic input and autonomy over what we wear. Ashtiani recognised a need for creative control, a tool that could give fashion-lovers and trendsetters the ability to personalise their clothing in a way that made their piece unique to anyone else’s. Drawing from both current trends and the psychology of colour theory, the tool will generate each customer their own colour palette, from which they can create their own silk organza jacket that maintains the beauty of Ashtiani’s original aesthetic, whilst being unique to the individual.

    The Campaign Goal: Ashtiani’s vision as a creator and an innovator is to enable people understanding themselves before buying. She'd like to introduce the Max Luscher Color Test developed in 1969 to her online atelier to achieve true personalisation for each customer: finding the colour that speaks to their personality.

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