by Iva Ksenevich

    About this Campaign

    Following collections that have been distinguished by both their elegance and their sense of drama, Ksenevich’s latest release, ‘Neon Kids’, is a bold new celebration of colour and disorder. Describing her work as ‘creative chaos’, Ksenevich has created a millinery line that maintains the core tenets of her designs – order, disorder and movement – whilst redefining expectations by exploring an entirely new world of colour. Her new headpieces, ranging from the more classically structured fedoras and pilotkas to the exquisitely abstract designs that make Ksenevich so unique, are both gleefully playful and impossibly stylish and, like each collection preceding them, will make any outfit into a statement.

    The Campaign Goal: from the moment she stepped onto the scene, Iva Ksenevich’s millinery art pieces have been both adorning and turning heads wherever her signature look can be found. Inspired by the knowledge that the right headwear can add style, grace and drama to any outfit, Iva is setting out to raise the capital to invest in and expand her brand, championing the next generation of impeccably dressed women with her inimitable statement pieces.

    Campaign Exclusive Pieces


    Availble for

    Creation #1

    Hand-Decorated Felt Hat (wide brim)
    £280 RRP £350

    Creation #2

    Hand-Decorated Felt Hat (short brim)
    £232 RRP £290

    Creation #3

    Decorated Pillbox
    £190 RRP £240

    Creation #4

    The Day Wear Collection
    £150 RRP £200

    Creation #5

    The Wedding Collection
    £150 RRP £200