by Diana Kimbayeva

    About this Campaign

    The name of Kimbayeva’s campaign encompasses the core aesthetic that she maintained whilst designing her pieces: Lineament. Drawing inspiration from the elegant simplicity of geometry and the clean lines it creates in a silhouette, Kimbayeva designed a range that reflected those visuals. She realised that, at its most basic, a straight line is the simplest and yet the most versatile geometric shape, and the ubiquitous nature by which we are always surrounded by lines inspired her to design pieces that features them at its heart. Her range is designed for women who are both unapologetically feminine and unafraid to stand out in a crowd.

    The Campaign Goal: Born with a zeal for style and the desire to be a part of the global fashion community, Diana Kimbayeva is raising capital to allow her the chance to establish her own fashion house. Her goal is to take her brand to the showrooms of London Fashion Week, where she can exhibit the designs that are built on a lifetime of passion and dedication.

    Campaign Exclusive Pieces


    Availble for

    Creation #1

    Cashmere Coat
    £320 RRP £400

    Creation #2

    Wool Coat
    £240 RRP £300

    Creation #3

    Cashmere Jacket
    £140 RRP £175

    Creation #4

    Wool Cape
    £160 RRP £200