by JN Llovet

    About this Campaign

    Fashion is a vibrant, unique and deeply personal way of expressing who you are to the rest of the world, and Llovet believes that every woman should have the opportunity to convey their attitudes and their personalities with bespoke pieces that tell their story. But whilst there might be avenues for grown women with their own, established styles to custom design their wardrobe, there are few ways for young girls to explore their still-developing sense of self-presentation and personality. With inclusivity and freedom of expression as pillars of her brand, Llovet prioritises the individuality of women of all ages, allowing both adults and children to customise and personalise their fashion, their way.

    The Campaign Goal: Llovet’s aim is to develop an online tool to facilitate the design of unique and original jackets, giving people the opportunity to make their own statement and have their fashion speak for them. Her goal is to provide people with autonomy over how they present their own, inimitable brand to the world, in a way that prioritises individuality and personality above all else, and allows them the chance to have their vision represented.

    Campaign Exclusive Pieces


    Availble for

    Creation #1

    Customised Denim Jacket for Kids
    £100 RRP £215

    Creation #2

    Custom Leather Jacket for Women
    £350 RRP £505

    Creation #3

    Custom Leather Jacket for Mum & Kids
    £650 RRP £999