• BC.J Studio

    by Sijun Guo

    About this Campaign

    All at once elegant, unique, and quintessentially feminine, Sijun’s clothing line is a beauty to look at and to wear. Crafted from superior-quality materials such as cashmere and wool, Sijun’s designs evoke a response that is both physical and emotional, as they share the narrative of vulnerability, femininity and grace. Her pieces create a living work of art from an outfit, giving the wearer a sense of style and beauty that cannot be rivalled by the mass-production market. Conceptual, abstract and open to personal interpretation, her brand ethos encompasses the idea of wearing a story and expressing your narrative to those around you.

    The Campaign Goal: In spite of her freshness to the fashion scene, Sijun Guo is a name that is already becoming familiar amongst designers. Having already amassed a bevy of awards for her creations, her campaign, sharing the whimsical and elegant pieces of wearable art from her collection, will help to establish Sijun a showcase in the Autumn 2018 London Fashion Week.

    Campaign Exclusive Pieces


    Availble for

    Creation #1

    Signature Hat
    £50 RRP £100

    Creation #2

    Cashmere Jumper
    £130 RRP £200

    Creation #3

    Cashmere Dress
    £200 RRP £280

    Creation #4

    Wool Coat
    £500 RRP £700

    Creation #5

    Wool Cape
    £500 RRP £700