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Explore The Perfumer's Story by Azzi


Azzi Glasser

Est. 2016

Ground-breaking fragrances created by Azzi, an award-winning perfume designer, for the world’s top fashion designers, beauty brands, Royalty, Hollywood actors, musicians and artists. 

Azzi’s level of creativity brings a bespoke and unique quality to all her creations and she holds an iconic client portfolio like no other. In October 2016, Azzi launched her long-awaited debut collection of mens, womens and unisex fragrances. ‘The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi’ has become one of the key brands leading the way in niche perfumes, tailored to the individual by trained fragrance stylists. 

Azzi comments; “My fragrance compositions are based on 'Character and Style' each with an artistic story and reference. I have been fortunate to have worked over the years with so many incredible personalities that herald their unique style. I could see there was a demand for educating consumers with fragrances that would match and suit their own individual DNA with a real spice of originality. I wanted to create the ultimate finishing touch that would be adored by others, totally loyal to the wearer and evoke memories for years to come.”

“I never feel fully dressed or go on set without my perfume. It's a protective cloud, invisible armour, emotional touchstone, and part portal to make believe land. Some people say the past is another country and in a way she makes passport perfumes. I know she always makes them with passion and love - and that cleverest and sensitive, poetic nose of hers.”
- Helena Bonham Carter


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