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Mohammed Rabi

Est. 2018
Academy Of University, San Francisco. House of Art Education & Minor in Sculpting.
Being born and brought up in Dubai during the 80’s & 90’s, I was compelled to educate myself about pop-culture outside the bounds of my country. Being a cinema junkie, movies like Point Break, Terminator, Trainspotting, Rumble Fish and many others inspired my love for the arts. California wasn’t my first exposure to living abroad, prior to that, I lived in Montreal, where I studied set design at College La-salle. This was the turning point in my life which made me realize my passion to live outside my norms. Upon graduating, I had a desire to further educate myself and widen my knowledge of the arts, San Francisco in particular seemed like an ideal fit due to its expansive cultural diversity. During my five years in San Francisco, I adapted to the lifestyle and formed close connections with the locals which bred my love for music. I attended numerous concerts from the likes of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and many other artists. The leather jacket was a staple in any individual’s wardrobe which inspired the idea to form a brand and focus on creating the essential pieces that would act as a symbol of my journey.


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