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Shivani Pathak

Est. 2018
Le Arti Orafe in Florence (Certificate) | MBA in Luxury Marketing from NYU Stern

Taal Noir designer,  Shivani Pathak, has always loved jewellery, ever since she was a young girl.  Growing up in an Indian family, jewellery, in particular fine Indian jewellery, has been an important part of her life

Although she's never formally trained in the jewellery industry, after an MBA in Luxury Marketing and a certificate in Jewellery Design in Florence, she felt it was the right time to create something of her own.  That something was Taal Noir - a contemporary jewellery line inspired by the rhythm of India.

Translated from Sanskrit, Taal means rhythm and was chosen because the brand is a visual representation of the cultural beat of India.  Taal Noir represents the multi-layered essence of Indian design — its craftsmanship, symbolism, and often times multi-cultural identity – a legacy of the country’s past as a cultural crossroads and centre of trade.  Her first collection 'Mughal Sonata' plays upon these cross-cultural references, paying homage to the Mughal dynasty with its Hindu, Persian and European design influences.

Through Taal Noir, she aims to celebrate India in the world, and the world in India – through design-led accessories created for the culturally curious woman.


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