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See Eyecare

Est. 2014
Institut Superieur d’optique | Orsay-Paris X

Yara Nehme is the woman behind See Eyecare. She is a renowned and licensed optician in Lebanon specialising in optometry.

Born in Paris and raised in Beirut, Yara is from an extremely scientific family, with her father being a successful ophthalmologist in the country. She was therefore introduced to the world of optics at a very young age and was instantly immersed in it.

In 2000, Yara moved to Paris where she graduated from Institut Superieur d’optique and Orsay-Paris X. She also refined her skills at Lissac, one of the major high-end retailers in the city. She later joined Essilor, a leading company in the optical industry.

Having honed her skills and developed her style, Yara moved back to Lebanon in 2006 with a newfound vision for the optical world. First, she collaborated with the Essilor distributors in the country and introduced progressive lenses to the market. Her passion and ambition for a successful career made her optimise every opportunity presented to her. With this in mind, and with the hope of transforming her vision to reality, she was encouraged to establish her own business - Yara Eye Care (SEE Eye Care - the name is the translation of “Yara” form Arabic to English), an eyewear boutique that reflects her avant-gardist personality.

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