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Ms. Syl

Est. 2018
Parsons School of Design, New York

Rue Agthonis is a brand that is full of detailed charm, from exquisite craftsmanship and luxury fabrics. It has women's handmade ready-to-wear line and menswear line, the works are modern, and rich in stage detail beauty. In the future, Rue will continue to integrate the ingenuity of theatrical performance into fashion design and deduce more infectious fashion stories for everyone.

In 2018, the fashion brand - Rue Agthonis was founded by Ms. Syl. She graduated from the Performance Department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy and went on to study art management and costume design in Parsons School of Design in New York, where she ultimately founded her brand. Her fashion designs were mostly influenced and inspired by stage plays, movies and contemporary art. Applying theatrical decorative shapes skillfully to costume design is what she excels at. She hopes to narrate imaginative fashion stories through luxurious and unassuming clothes, which are also sexy, joyful and exciting.

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