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Alexandra Mastroeni

Est. 2018
Graduated with honors at local High School in Goldsmithery, I then studied in Valenza, ITALY, home of the best high jewellery Maisons and workshops. I have studied then in Turin and Milan. I've been working in jewellery as a designer since then, for international brands such as Vhernier and Kiki McDonough during my year in London. I have been creating editorial jewellery illustrations as well.

I've grown up surrounded by art and beauty, my grandpa was a painter and my dad is an artisan, who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, playing end experimenting with the tools in his workshop. After my studies I've been lucky enough to have the chance to work with international jewellery brands, where I learnt even more than in school. However, I've always had my personal vision: jewellery is in strict relation with the body and mind of the wearer, and most important, has to tell a story. Influenced by art, nature and the inestimable historical culture that Sicily, my home land, treasures, I've kept creating in my mind and on paper my own pieces. Two years ago, I met my boyfriend who joined my vision and together we decided to set up our own label. To do so, after a year of living in London, we moved back to where we both come from, and launched ORIGINE in August 2019.


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