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Monika Vaitkiene

Est. 2013
Vilnius University

The goal of creating a range of clothing for the ‘renaissance man’ comes from the perspective of a true renaissance woman. Monika Vaitkiene, fresh from her degree in International Relations and Political Science, realised her lifelong dream and established her own fashion house, Naked Bruce.

She wanted to bring the key values of sustainability and energy to her clothing, starting with her brand’s core product: she created a line of allergy-free leggings, designed to absorb moisture and allow the body to breathe. It was critical to her that the piece had a sense of movement, comfort, quality, and that it would be as longwearing as it would be fashionable. 

The harmony of her hand-drawn artistry in collaboration with her feel-good intent mirrors her desire for versatility in her clothing range. Her style borrows heavily from her background, and she uses patterns and silhouettes in a way that reflect her Lithuanian aesthetic and represent the diversity, energy, and clash of influences that make her pieces so unique and so versatile.

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