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Join The Crowd & Enjoy 15% Off Your First Order 

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Meher Iqbal

Est. 2018
Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

‘Meher’ - [noun] meaning grace, kindness, love, affection and the sun, is everything the brand represents. 

Named after the Dubai-based designer herself, Meher Iqbal, she founded the brand to inspire and empower women to be proud of who they are. A Meher Jewellery original is more than just a shimmery ornament of metal and gem, each piece is exclusive and unique; a meticulously personalised composition. Every design is made with 18 carat gold with both precious and semi precious stones, but most essentially with love and care. Like Meher states herself, ‘A Meher piece wears less like a trinket and more like a tattoo.’ It is one that is timeless, lasting a lifetime.

Rule yourself with Meher Jewellery – Of The Woman, By The Woman, For The Woman.

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