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Meg deGraaf

Est. 2014
Self taught

I have always had a passion for jewellery and always been fascinated with the idea that something material, can be so special, mean so much and be passed on for generations. I grew up spending all of my time drawing and sketching. I was obsessed with architecture, ceramics, stones and jewels. Always working with my hands. In 2014 I was travelling and living in London, and decided to take a short jewellery basics course and completely fell in love. From there on, I took what I learned and spent all of my time teaching myself, learning and practicing new techniques. I started my brand with the intention of designing interesting jewellery. Jewellery that didn't blend in, that stood out and made a statement. Having been constantly inspired by my travels and the architecture in the ancient towns I visited, my aim has been to create pieces with meaning and depth, that are sharp and bold while being wearable and timeless. I make every piece by hand out of my Toronto studio, so each piece is custom made to order for the client, with the utmost care and attention to detail. To me, jewellery is incredibly personal and my goal is for each person who wears my work, to feel like the piece they've chosen has been made just for them.


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