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Est. 2018
Studied Gemology and Jewelry Design at the GIA (Gemological institute of America) in London. Worked at Chatila Jewelers in London for a few months before coming back to Beirut and opening my own showroom.

Coming from a business-driven family (more specifically a family of engineers), I started with the Business degree at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut and then tried working in several fields to see where I fit in the most and where I could find what I really love doing. I realized that the passion I had for creation and art was always there alongside the business part; thus, I decided to start with a short course concerning diamonds in parallel to my job. I took the diamond grading course with HRD Antwerp and loved it. I discovered then that crafting, drawing, creating jewelry was what I always wanted to do. I decided to follow this path and continued my studies in London at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) specializing in Jewelry Design and Gemology. Mother Nature has long captured my imagination whether it’s the vivacious colors in nature or the delicate nuances of the seasons. I always thought that everything around us holds beauty within when you know how to look. My collections come purely from my own artistic inspirations and my emotions. I love art and get so inspired by it. The brand is about creating unique/statement pieces out of the stones I fall in love with. It is about celebrating nature, colors and sometimes asymmetry. Every piece holds a story and is special on its own. I personally feel very attached to each piece as I pick the stones by myself, create the piece and follow up on every step along the way to have it done just the way I imagined it. I haven't launched my website yet and looking for showcasing my jewelry abroad.


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