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Magdalena Mieszkowska

Est. 2014
Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Since a young age, growing up in Poland, Magdalena Mieszkowska was always one to dream big, and her dreams took on new shapes everyday. Nevertheless, her increasing love for art and design and her need for travel took her to London, where she studied Graphic Design and illustration. 

Her curiosity and creativity has no limits, characterised by the embroidered works of her imagination, Magdalena imbues her creations with positive energy, sublimating her impulses into fusions of colour and ecstasy.

The silk collection is a continuity of her artistic vision, providing the perfect medium to transform her designs into something more sensual, feminine – a luxurious accessory that denotes timeless elegance and effortless sophistication. Magdalena’s talents have also been recognised by Vogue Talents, appearing among the 200 emerging designers selected by Vogue Italia.

A quote by Magdalena - 'As a work of art... The “carré” is not just a simple fashion accessory, it embodies the idea of wearing a piece of art whenever you want it. It flirts with our desire to stand out. The exuberant colours are joyful and playful. Creating a sense of another world of geometric shapes, patterns and childlike innocence tinted with 1960’s psychedelia. There is a hidden watchfulness in the designs that brings them to life wherever they are placed.'


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