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Bairavi Raja & Sinthu Ruthiran

Est. 2019

Luna & Noon's designs are unapologetically bold and funky. The brand is based on some of the values that they live by, which are - travel, relax, unwind, sleep well, happy thoughts and giving back. 

Travelling was one of their main inspirations in designing, they loved milling around markets, and exploring local styles and prints. They wanted to find a way to share their exciting experiences with everyone. Combining their backgrounds of fashion and banking, the two worlds collided to create LUNA & NOON.

Whether you’re at home or on holiday, everyone deserves to unwind and relax in style. Therefore, they’ve created travel inspired pyjamas that are comfortable to wear from night to day. All of the prints on the pyjamas have a story to tell, and they believe that, by wearing them, it can inspire you to create your own memories and experiences when you’re out exploring. 

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