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Luna Amani

Est. 2012

Fashion designer, philanthropist and “mumpreneur”, Luna Amani established her brands’ unique style from her rich Persian heritage, taking inspiration from her memories growing up in Iran and her integration with multi-cultural experiences. Her collection reflects her childhood and the 21st-century sensibilities of a designer committed to giving something back. 

She was influenced massively by her three beloved Persian aunties, who designed her wardrobe when growing up. She wanted to devote the same level of love, attention and detail into her own designs, to reflect the care and commitment dedicated to each piece that her aunties had created.

Luna Amani sought a brand that allowed her complete creative freedom, where she could challenge the status quo and develop a product that delivered on her own ethos. Each collection includes her trademark geometric pattern and multi-wear function. She wanted to create a brand that provides timeless pieces that they will treasure forever. 

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