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Kam Ce Kam

Est. 2019
Central St Martins, London

‘Kam Ce Kam’ - translating to ‘At the very least’ in English is the brands’ philosophy. They encourage people to acquaint themselves with crafts rooted in the history of traditional culture by creating designs that relate to their everyday living. 

Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing. From the material to the making, the story is one of passion and integrity, coupled with a genuine desire to revive the heritage of Indian craft. 

Creative director of the brand and designer of the launch collection, Jehanara Knowles, grew up between New Delhi and London, fuelling her passion for the fusion of tradition in her early years. There is a conscious drive to utilise natural and sustainably sourced materials which lies at the heart of Kam Ce Kam’s productions.


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