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Jacqueline Garcia

Est. 2011
Mod'art Paris

Following the completion of her Masters in Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle, Spanish-German designer JN Llovet’s experience in both the design and retail sides of the industry led her to travel the world in search of what fashion meant to herself and to her label. 

Her journey of inspiration led her to the leather markets of downtown La Paz, Bolivia, where she discovered that the heart of her brand was built on the ideals of creativity, passion and individuality. Upon discovering an artisan who offered her a service that allowed her to bring her dream jacket to life, creating a short black leather jacket with pink lining and leather studs, she realised that she wanted to expand the opportunity of customisation to a wider market. 

Every custom-made jacket created with Llovet is a treasure to the person that breathed life into it, and her ethos is one of confidence, individuality, and self expression.

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