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Anna Piskunova

Est. 2014
Central Saint Martins

Born and raised in Crimea, designer Anna Piskunova found her passion for jewellery design after completing her studies. Being a self-taught designer, she spent much of her time in the jewellery district honing and perfecting her skills. Most of her spare time was spent in galleries, workshops of artists and jewellers, and completing countless sketches.

Having practiced and experimented for years, Jewellery Lab was finally launched in April 2014. Following the success of her first batch of Neo-baroque styled earrings at her friend, Katy Silchenko’s show at the Fairmont Hotel, exclusive orders then began to take off.

In August 2018, a strategic decision was made to refocus the brand, and thus the Love Messages collection of the brand was launched. The fine jewellery collections reveal their true aesthetics of simplicity and minimalism, drawing inspiration from contemporary art, made for the modern woman. Each piece is made of 14K gold with a consistent use of diamonds and precious stones. Then in 2019, the Smart Pearls and Tropic collection was released. 

Today the brand is regularly featured in well-known fashion magazines such as L'officel, ELLE, BESTIN, 23/59. The Jewellery Lab's success is due to a continuous effort in making modern, relatable fine jewellery at an approachable price point. Today the brand accumulates regular collections, but also continues to work in the Bespoke format.


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