Shop Together, Pay Less - Find out more about our latest offer!

Shop Together, Pay Less - Find out more about our latest offer!

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Sam Vinden

Est. 2018

The idea of INCA came about when founder Sam Vinden was working remotely in the US, and got talking to someone with glasses on that had a traditional frame and orange lens. Curious about them, he learned that the orange lens actually blocked out the blue light emitted from our screens. After more in depth research and realising the damage that blue light does to our eyes, he was inspired to create glasses with a simple aim - to give a smart element to eye fashion, without the old fashioned orange tint. 

INCA intertwines innovative lens technology with design led frames to provide a minimal, statement accessory that adds to both your look and your eyesight. Their mission is to improve eye health in the digital world, whilst providing a stylish solution to the digital eye strain issue. 

Although INCA was only launched in 2018, they’re already catching the attention of the British Press, being featured in Living etc. and Stylist Magazine. It is certainly only the beginning for INCA as 2019 has even more exciting news to bring!

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