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Shop Together, Pay Less - Find out more about our latest offer!

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Emily Hilton

Est. 2018
The Business of Fashion at Birmingham City University

The two things that shaped Holiday Romance designer, Emily, was growing up in a small town near Birmingham - being raised by her single mum, the strongest woman she knows, and a perpetual desire to experience as much of our world’s natural beauty as I could squeeze into one lifetime. Her deep connection to nature reminded her of the things that truly mattered in life. The ideas that spark in those moments when it’s just you and Mother Nature. The urge to create louder, think deeper. She began fully educating herself on fast fashion, and of course its speedy destruction of our Earth. That’s when the joy she found in nature was met with another: sustainability. 

Holiday Romance Store was born at this intersection of travel and caring for the world. It grew into a mission to create a timeless collection of swimwear pieces for the adventurer and our planet. Not only did she aim to create a brand – she also wanted to create a brand that actively worked to protect our people and our Earth. One that avoided the trademarks of fast fashion: questionable manufacturing practices that are socially and environmentally irresponsible. 

Their swimwear is created using high quality nylon from recycled ocean waste, and we work closely with their manufacturing team, making sure they’re treated fairly and paid well. Holiday Romance Store is about falling in love with your journey and our planet. It’s about mindful consumerism and long-lasting romances with beautiful, sustainably-made swimwear. Because when you’re wearing a piece of clothing that holds the right kind of story, you can go on to create the best story of your own, and our planet’s.

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