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Hanane Hotait

Est. 2016

The brand celebrating Feminity 

Hanane Hotait launched her brand in 2016 in Paris, where she spent the majority of her life. The production of an iconic garment, the shirt, is the foundation of the company. The shirt, which she borrowed from her father as a child, represents the core of the men's dress code. It is devoted to women who take responsibility for themselves and are unclassifiable, timeless, and virginal in white. Hanane reinvents the blouse, a signature piece of her collections, using noble materials and vibrant colors, with the goal of providing sophisticated, timeless, and modern creations. 

The brand's codes are inspired by Parisian and Oriental women who know how to be sensual, and glamorous, with a touch of couture. To achieve flawless and high-end quality, the brand collaborates with European suppliers and manufacturers. 

The collections are designed in Paris and made in local workshops that honor French craftsmanship.


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