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Valeria Guzema

Est. 2020

Originally a journalist, Valerie Guzema changed her careers to being a jewellery designer once she realised her passion and love for jewellery. She founded Guzema Fine Jewellery in Ukraine, March 2016 and from then, in the last four years alone, the brand has released around 27 collections. 

In 2017, Guzema opened their first showroom in Kyiv, and in 2019, as the company grew, so did the space they were in. Creating beautiful, outstanding jewellery also comes with awards and recognition - In 2017, the Guzema team got the Best Start-Up Award from the Elle Style Awards, and in 2018, the brand was nominated for the Best Accessories Brand at the Best Fashion Awards. 

The secrets to Guzema’s success are the delicate approach that Valeria takes with each product, the impeccable handmade work of their jewellery team and a ‘little touch of magic’, as they say. They create jewellery in the spirit of time, to have their pieces last forever. Versatility and quality are indispensable components of Guzema’s design.


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