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Tia Ferhana

Est. 2018
I took short courses at London College of Fashion
Ferhana aims to preserve one of Indonesian cultural heritage, which is the diversity of its traditional fabrics. We present a range of ready to wear that are made of traditional fabrics handmade by artisans from different parts of Indonesia. We aspire to bring Indonesia’s diverse traditions and cultures to become part of our globalised and modern lifestyle. We build bridges between artisans that are still embracing their traditional lifestyle and values and consumers worldwide. Our collections pay for artisans’ labour as well as their creativity. The inspiration came from a chat I had with local artisans where they express a growing concern that less and less artisans are willing to produce traditional fabrics due to it having a lower demand within the local market. As traditional fabrics have commonly been associated with older generations. So I explored more about it and overtime grew to have passion in it. Traditional fabrics convey certain artistic, cultural, traditional and heritage values and stories of each ethnic group exist in Indonesia. Yet, it is something that can be reproduced to fit into our modern lifestyle and adapted to suit a more globalised audience. Thus would contribute as a solution to the current problem.


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