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Est. 2019
University of Greenwich; Department of Architecture and Landscape

Originating from London, EZiRA RANE is a British rainwear company committed to inspiring, challenging and redefining rainwear, established in 2015 by sisters Adanna & Ndidi. Our label embodies our minds and souls as we partake in all the key working processes, being owners, managers, creative directors and designers at the same time. The ethos is to embrace feeling fantastic in the rain across all seasons. Our rainwear collections represent contemporary designs that combine style and functionality. Making perfectly balanced RANE:WEAR that truly corresponds to the wear's needs in beauty and comfort yet remining fashionable. This refined style is enriched by the easy feel of signature designs across our garments. Our love for designing creative, functional yet dramatic looks is echoed across our collection. Presented as must-haves for whichever way the season falls! EZiRA RANE holds a distinctive feel which stands out in outerwear fashion. With aims to revive genuine charm by giving it some new aspects relevant in modern fashion and social contexts. With our customer always at the forefront, an EZiRA RANE owner is aspirational with a keen interest in celebrating lifestyle. Equally they are bold, confident, fun and knows how best to enjoy the RAiN!


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