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Est. 2018
Prudence is a self taught designer honing her skills across disciplines and years in the UK Fashion Industry. Working across fashion Startup brands and Household names.
Prudence, Founder and Creative at E P O K, was born in Sydney Australia, Based in London. E P O K was born with the vision to create visual dialogue between west and east through a single dress. 'My aim was to create a new shape that was not western or eastern but both and represents a new emerging global feminine identity. A shape that liberates the body and crosses cultures, challenging the lines between what is modest or revealing, what is western or eastern. A dress that could be representative of a new female world view that combined a global aesthetic and a progressive mood. A dress that is feminine, flattering and inclusive but also liberating for the body. Fashion is a tremendous tool to reflect and highlight changing cultural moods and challenging perceptions. Cultural revolutions are happening, the future is exciting for women and I wanted to create a dress that could reflect this in some way” E P O K embraces 'Slow Fashion' being motivated to minimize textile waste and restoring the value in the purchase of a single dress. Currently each garment is made to order in their London studio. Prudence uses almost exclusively silk throughout the collection, and other natural fabrics that have a lower impact environmental signature. 'Not only is silk the most beautiful fabric to wear but is also versatile to seasons and durable over years of use and this is important, We now know synthetic fabrics are contributing to ocean micro plastic so from my point of view we must re-engineer these fabrics or move away from them entirely' The E P O K collection is comprised of the signature E P O K drape wrap dress and other draped dress styles with the same fluid feminine aesthetic, Scarfs and Hijab items to order.


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