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Berta Cabestany

Est. 2016
FDMODA (Barcelona) and assisted to Parson’s School of Design in New York and Paris and Central Saint Martins London

From the beautiful, cultural city of Barcelona, designer Berta Cabestany combines the Catalan traditions with artisanal techniques and a twist of fresh and modern styles to create bespoke pieces that are refreshing and different.

Each collection is inspired by a different part of the world that she has travelled to, where colours, flavours and smells of the city has been gathered. Even the local artisan techniques, such as embroidery, are picked up and transformed into details that exist in the garments. Berta’s collections take you on a journey by creating whole atmospheres that transport you to various countries to explore their culture, paintings and music.

Berta on her brand - ‘It is refined craft and modernity in a joyful way mixed with my travelling experiences.’

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