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Solange van Haaften

Est. 2018

Designed to make you feel and look like a goddess, AYA LABEL is the new swimwear brand that you should be looking at. Inspired by Greek mythology, every design is named after a Greek goddess, each representing a certain energy. 

The Dutch based label was founded in 2018 by Solange van Haaften, who wanted to create high quality swimwear for sun-loving women with a creative twist, as well as do their part for the environment by using recycled materials. The AYA Label collection is a mix and match collection. She wanted to inspire women all over the world with her designs, to allow them to become self-confident and feel like goddesses. 

Other than that, they try to work as environmentally friendly as possible. Wanting to be a part of the environmental change, they use polyamide fibre made from post-consumer materials such as carpets and fishing nets for all designs. Unfortunately, using recycled materials isn’t enough, which gave them the initiative to donate a percentage of their online sales towards environmental organisations that protect the ocean, mainly focusing on the growing plastic problem. This allows them to contribute to the awareness of recycling and keeping our oceans clean.

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