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Viktorija Bugajenko

Est. 2012
Kaunas University of Technology

Creativity was a constant companion in Viktorija's life. It all started from making accessories. First there was a tiny box of jewellery tools, followed by a work table, followed by a room dedicated to her crafts, and finally expanding into a design studio where all the Zefyras pieces are now designed and created. 

We strive to tell our customers stories through the garments we create, accenting their strengths, gifting them what they were missing to truly love themselves and be confident.” Zefyras stands out with their passion and attention to each customer. When it is possible, Zefyras invites you to work with them to adapt their designs to your body, mood and colour preferences. 

Viktorija wants to involve you in the creation process, so that each finished piece is a one off, collaborative creation.


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