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Victor Wong

Est. 2015
University for the Creative Arts

Born and raised in the west of the culturally diverse Hunan Province in China, Victor Wong has always been interested in different cultures. 

VICTOR WONG’s sunglasses are known for their shiny metals, sharp edges and eccentric designs. In designing the sunglasses, Victor combines the modesty of the east with the boldness of the west. Being heavily influenced by the handicrafts made by the artists from his hometown in western Hunan, Victor insists on hand making his sunglasses too. 

Victor believes that if his business is a phoenix waiting to soar into the sky, his friends are the wings of the phoenix and his family the heart, and he is just the feathers that help the phoenix fly. Victor has always been enthusiastic about art. As for whether he will expand his business into other sections of the industry, Victor says, “Nobody knows what the future holds, and this is what makes it all the more fascinating.”

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