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Natascia Berutto

Est. 1950
Lucia Berutto

Natascia joined the Fashion House Lucia Berutto in 2016. She merges eastern design influences with western design to create pieces which convey elegance, femininity and sensuality. 

Established in the early 50s as a small atelier in Milan, LB started as a symbol of hope, a contrast to the shadow that the war had left behind. In the 90s, the second generation of the family moved the studio to Shanghai to blend the Italian design with the skilful craftsmen and the most exquisite Chinese Silk. There is where it truly found its direction. Since 1950s the mission of Lucia Berutto is to empower the wearer by appealing to all senses, with a selection of capsule collections perfect for outerwear and lounge wear. 

The House now creates two lines: “Milano” is the signature line: combining the most exquisite Chinese Silk with the refined French Leavers Lace, brings to life elegant and classy styles. The“Chic” line is the younger line that experiments and plays with shapes and colours to dress the young contemporary woman. Ultimately, love for femininity is employed as visionary and creative force.

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