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Dondoks Paris

Est. 2017

Carmen Cerrillo and Charlotte Janaina Calixte met on the stages of El Lido and Moulin Rouge and on the catwalks of Jean Paul Gaultier. They became close friends and bonded over their shared passions of fashion, art and dance. 

An initial idea for a new style of shoe was sparked by Carmen in 2015 as she couldn’t find any interesting, colourful sandals whilst on a trip in Spain. Upon her return to Paris, she met with her friend Charlotte who had just graduated from a prestigious Parisian design school. Together, they drew up plans to design and produce beautiful, unusual shoes made from genuine leather and luxurious fabrics. 

Dondoks was born and it aimed to raise consumer awareness about some of the damaging production processes common in the mass-consumer fashion world. Leather artisans make all Dondoks shoes by hand in Brazil. Versatility, dedication and independence underpin the designs and defines the energy of Caroline and Carmen as dancers and co-founders of Dondoks.

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