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Coco Hamilton

Est. 2018
Cambridge University

‘Lifestyle royalty. Retired model. Cantabrigian. The pied piper of socialites. Rothschild approved.’ This is Coco, the Oxbridge educated founder and designer of CO2LDN.

CO2LDN is a lifestyle brand aligning itself with streetstyle. The eponymous brand captures the identity of Coco Hamilton as an icon and style savvy individual. Known as a ‘Captionista’, the unapologetic muse of the brand conveys a message that is good, clean, intelligent fun for the cognoscenti.

“Blame it on Coco”, the first capsule in the limited edition collection, stems from the blame placed on the brand’s founder allowing their customers to blame it all on Coco for the money they spend.

In CO2LDN, modesty is not key. Our limited edition pieces feature eye catching slogans with no apologies. CO2LDN creates ‘intelligent style statements’ based on true stories of powerful and influential lives. CO2LDN encourages confidence in ones way of life. If you know, you know. 


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