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Adriana Chede Jewellery

Est. 2018

If you’re looking for a delicate piece of jewellery that will be unique to you, Adriana Chede’s brand is the place to go to. Every piece is created by hand, with its own story to tell. The jewellery is a reflection of the minuscule, organic moments of life, giving women the energy to feel confident and strong when wearing the pieces. 

Born in Brazil, Adriana has roots spreading all over the world. Inspired by her travels, she allows herself to be immersed in different cultures and these observations ultimately are reflected in her creations and designs. She is herself is delicate and passionate, free yet precise, wide eyed but self-conscious, she sees the design of a jewel as a timeless story that is personal and simplistic. 

Adriana’s collection can be a gift to someone special, or a memento for a special occasion, either way it’ll be something that they will definitely cherish forever. Taking inspiration from the life that surrounds us, Adriana creates timeless, delicate jewels that form your own tailor made individual collection. 


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