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Sparkle Away With Talita London

Talita London - Founded by two friends, Caroline Aldrovandi and Talya Shelley, aim to create pieces that transcend time and transform style, that empowers women around them to express their freedom and strength through style. Read on to find out more about them!


q: Can you share with us the story of how you met and how the idea of Talita London came to you? a: Talya - We met several years ago during a holiday in the south of Turkey and we became great friends. At that point, I had been working in the world of high end jewellery and wanted to create a fun, new jewellery line that was affordable for the stylish woman. We entered each others lives and shared incredible moments and experiences. We soon developed a beautiful connection and had a mutual passion for design. I shared with Carolina my idea of the line, knowing that with her creative eye and experience in branding and communication she would be able to provide some insightful thoughts and guidance in helping develop it. We had so much fun running ideas with each other, we decided to create a partnership and together develop Talita. The name Talita is derived from Aramaic roots meaning "young girl." We wanted our pieces to transcend time and transform your style. Talita is a young girl with a strong attitude and drive. She is free from limitations and self-doubt. She empowers women around her by expressing her freedom and strength through style. Also the logo for us has a special meaning. It is inspired by the sacred geometry of the Merkabah. The Merkaba is an extremely powerful symbol. It is a combination of two star tetrahedrons - one pointing up to the heavens, channeling energy down from the Universe to the earth plain, and one pointing downwards, drawing energy up from the earth beneath. It is empowering and reminds us that we are all here with a purpose, in everything we do and in every action we take. q: How has each of your working backgrounds helped you in developing the brand? a: Talya - I am half Turkish, half English, and grew up between Istanbul, Switzerland, New York and London, and am continuing to travel the world expanding my creative imagination. After undergoing my GIA degree, I've been creating one-of-a-kind diamond pieces for high profile international clients. Carolina on the other hand, is Italian, born from a family in the textile business and fashion creation. She extended her experience in the fashion industry in Paris and Milan by becoming a communications director in the most competitive markets. Her background in the fashion industry merged with my background in jewellery, sowed the seeds for the creation of Talita. We complete each other in creative direction and business development. We launched our first collection SS19 - Our relationship with the brand evolved and so has the roles. In the beginning we merged our efforts in order to both have a complete overview of everything that we do and all the activities related to building up our brand. With the time Carolina started taking care more of the the designs together with store relations. I take care of the digital aspects, both in communication and e-commerce, while we both keep an overview of the creative aspects, business and general management. Talita is the expression of our passion; through Talita we merged our creativity and drive to create something we didn't find elsewhere. q: What do you think is the most important aspect when building a brand? a: To be true to what you put out into the world. From our logo to the designs of our pieces, all the way through to our packaging, it was crucial for us to be authentic to the ethos of our brand. It is very important to keep focused on what we really believe rather than the logics of the market. We chose to grow organically, focusing very much on the structure to be solid and reliable. We wanted to make sure that, with time, all the processes work efficiently and that we can support the growth in a consistent way. It is important to have a strong production back up, to deliver on time and to be reactive at solving any kind of issues or needs that may arise. An equally important component in our development has been feedback from clients and building strong relationships with them through constant communication and follow ups. q: What is your design process? a: Carolina - I am in constant research mode. Everything talks to me about our next collection: the people I meet, the places I visit, the objects I encounter, the architecture I admire, the movies I see… It is from this state of creative awareness in which I am like a constant sponge that, as I set the guidelines for the next collection originates the creative input. I usually select a few themes that excite me the most in that moment in time and collect all the content and materials I have in mind that could be related. It is from this that I create the moodboards. From there I start seeing how I can apply those new creative inputs and new trends into our identity and strongest pieces. Then, all the ideas of the pieces start coming to life. Drawings are initially made by hand, then the process of back and forth with the atelier starts to see what can be done and what may have limits or problems, the sourcing of the materials and all the trials of the new samples. This takes a lot of time, technical skills of our wonderful team and energy, but it is the most exciting part, in which we get our hands “dirty” and spend hours in the atelier. So many more ideas come out during this phase and they usually serve also as the beginning of the next collection... q: Talita London is centred around vibrancy, colour and attitude - Is that something you both identify with? a: Carolina - Yes definitely. Talya can tend to be more classic sometimes with her choices, reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour; whereas I am more drawn to the Retro Swinging London era. The combination and mixing of the two for us is where we connect and share our eccentric vision. We both represent the woman that inspires the creations, with our different and complementary traits. Our goal was to create a jewellery line designed with the intention to empower and evoke emotions. Colours and attitude are the two adjectives we cannot miss with this in mind. q: Do you have a favourite design in your current collection? a: Carolina - My favourites are for sure all the most iconic pieces, such as Space Circus and Biba, Studio 54 and Disco Wave. I love big earrings and accessories that have a strong impact on the look, whether is simple and minimal or as a completion of an eccentric mix. In these pieces in my opinion reside the values of vibrancy and attitude that drive most of the creations. q: A lot of your jewellery is inspired by the 60s, why is that? a: Carolina - It was a period of expansion in many ways, culturally, politically, economically, creatively… It was one of the moments in history in which I would have loved the most to be alive and witness everything. The role of the woman in those years evolved dramatically, and I do believe that the values of our brand are very much aligned with the ones that drove many of the positive changes during those years. Self expression reached astounding peaks; freedom and fun were in the air. A strong connection with music and art inspired fashion in trends that kept ongoing till this day. Besides, I love the shapes of those years and the way in which jewellery was interpreted. Bold, strong, impactful yet fun and light at the same time. This is the message that we want the women that wears Talita carry within their image.
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Designer Spotlight - Talita London

Bold, fun and full of sparkle, Talita London is a brand that oozes confidence and attitude, inspiring and empowering the women of our generation to be true to themselves.

Founded by Caroline Aldrovandi and Talya Shelley, they brought their versatile skill sets together and created a line of jewellery that is unique and daring. They are both very passionate about expanding the brand organically and making sure that all products are made to a high standard.

We absolutely adore their designs - it's super fun and makes for the perfect statement piece, especially for this festive season. Buy it for yourself or as a present for a friend, it's the ideal brand to pick and choose from!

Why be boring, when you can stand out!


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