Designed by Children – JN by JN LLOVET

Bespoke matching jackets for mum and kids

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About the project

All the fashion loving women and mums get the possibility to express their attitude and feelings by designing a unique and personal piece, but how about their little ones? There is a lot of beautiful kids fashion out there in the market, but hardly any brand would allow the little ones to create something they personally love. That’s why I would like to offer a customisable line for the kids, where they will be able to design their favourite piece with the online customisation tool.

With your support, I can introduce this amazing tool to my website – so that the little ones can choose their favourite patches and locate them anywhere they like on the jacket to create their favourite statement jacket!


Reward #1: hand signed Thank you card and leather key ring for £25 = 49% off RRP

Reward #2: cute leather pouch for kids £65 = 45% off RRP

Reward #3: custom denim jacket for kids £100 = 40% off RRP (10 pieces only!)

Reward #4: custom leather jacket for women for £350 = 40%RRP (5 pieces only!)

Reward #5: custom leather jacket for Mum & Kids for £650 = 41% off RRP (4 out 5 pairs left!)