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    Styles are copied and reproduced in bulk. Creative people are often treated like industrial machinery, churning out slight variations of whatever happens to be on the catwalk. Trends dictate what people can buy and wear, and insensible pricing is rampant in the industry, leading us to suspect that creativity, quality and cost is not always aligned, as standard.


    Curated Crowd exists to show the world fashion created by designers who have a story to tell. We want to bring their creativity to market. We provide a platform for them to sell their work directly to you, at an honourable price.

    We value talent, meaningful design and high-quality production. Curated Crowd fights the creative decline and conformity that can harm the fashion industry. We celebrate the depth of innovation our designers bring to the scene.


    Each designer has their own dedicated space on our platform. This is where you can find out about their inspirations, their history- and where they want to be in the future.


    You are buying directly from our designers without the middleman. You get to know our designers on a personal basis and every purchase you make supports their talent.


    We think the big-name e-marketplaces have become too bloated. It’s difficult and time-consuming to search through fake, hyped-up listings to find the odd diamond in the rough.

    It’s time to create a space where designers can come together and sell their work directly to an audience who appreciate thoughtfully designed, well-made pieces.

    When you buy from Curated Crowd you are choosing to support talented, independent designers who typically design and produce pieces in small quantities. Most of the pieces we sell are limited edition, or made to order. Everything you find in our Campaigns or Atelier has been specially handpicked by our curator panel.


    Fashion is a competitive industry. We built Curated Crowd to provide a voice for designers who want to raise capital for a particular goal. We work with the designer to curate a collection which is exclusive to Curated Crowd customers.

    Each campaign piece is special. It’s produced in limited-edition batch, and discretely marked with its edition number.


    This is our shop.

    Everything you buy from the Atelier is either limited-edition, or made to order.
    We can’t guarantee how long pieces will be available for- so order it whilst it’s hot.

    We are offline too.

    We want you to meet our curators and our designers both online and offline. To find out where is our next event around the world, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our social channels.

    Ada Yi Zhao


    Ada Yi Zhao - a financier, novelty seeker, with an acute style, was born in China and moved to London at the age of 16. With a distinguished career spanning over 10 years in the world of Investment Banking, she founded Curated Crowd to provide a unique channel for emerging brands to introduce themselves to the world, candidly reflecting the spirit of their brand without compromise. Ada is a member of the British Fashion Council - Fashion Trust, a contributor to the Huffington Post and a member of the Organising Committee of the Convoco 3.0 Forum.

    Rasha Khawaja


    Rasha Khawaja is the founder and CEO of Toucan Ventures. Rasha’ s passion for innovation and nurturing new talent and business continues through her role as a member of the UKBAA; as well as being an active member of the advisory board of Innovation RCA, and the development and strategy board of the ZSL.
    Dr. Corinne Michaela Flick


    Corinne Flick is founder and Chair of Convoco! Foundation, a think tank promoting inter-disciplinary discussion among academics, politicians, business leaders and artists. As an enthusiastic fashion and art patron, Dr. Flick is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Council of Tate Gallery, London.
    Nathan Medlock


    Nathan Medlock is a partner at Zouk Capital with over 20 years experience in private equity and investment banking. He is also a board member of numerous successful tech companies including iZettle, Huddle, Readly and Taulia.
    Michelle De Conto


    Designer Development & Senior Business Advisor to designers at the British Fashion Council: NewGen, Fashion Trust, Vogue Fashion Fund. Over the past 20 years, Michelle has developed and internationalised numerous world renowned fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands such as Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Lacoste, Prada, Oakley and LVMH Spirits.
    Marianna Satanas


    As the Vice President of E-Commerce at Alice + Olivia, she has over nine years experience in the industry, previously working with Net-A-Porter Group as Head of E-commerce and content product manager at Mr Porter.
    Lainey Sheridan-Young


    As the founder of LS-Y Brand Consultancy, and Head of the Branded Lifestyle division at IW Capital, Lainey Sheridan-Young has mentored and collaborated with numerous well-known brands from the nascent stage to larger internationally recognised business.